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Hollywood Book to Screen – Screenwriting Services

Hollywood has long recognized the benefits of adapting a book into a movie screenplay. Our Hollywood book-to-screen services provide authors with the opportunity to work with professional screenwriters to adapt their books for the screen.

Let’s Chat About Our Services and Your Book

We begin by answering any basic questions or concerns you might have and listening to anything you’re willing to share about your book. Once we’ve satisfied those basic needs, we’ll be happy to email you a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if you’d like. Once signed or after you feel confident that your story and rights will be protected, share further details about your book and ideally a copy of your book (digital preferred) and we’ll let you know our first impressions.

Is Your Book Adaptable for the Screen?

Once we receive your book or sufficient details about your book, we will let you know our initial thoughts. Mainly, we will let you know the marketability of your book to screen projects and any basic considerations to be made.

What’s Next?

From there, we can decide if and how to best move forward with the adaptation – whether you want us to provide more detailed, paid feedback/coverage about adapting your book or if you’re ready to move forward with planning your book.

Planning Your Book to Screen – Treatment Writing

Planning your book to screen adaptation includes thoroughly reading your book and writing a logline (one sentence attention-getting synopsis), description of characters, and a detailed summary. Once we’ve written it, we’ll email it to you for your feedback and approval. If you need anything revised or have any questions, concerns, or input, just let us know. If needed or preferred, we can schedule a call to discuss it further.

When you’re happy with your treatment/screenplay summary and plan, we can proceed with writing your book to screenplay.

Writing Your Book to Screen Adaptation – The Screenplay

The screenplay is the actual 90 to 120-page manuscript actors, directors, and producers use as the basis for the entire film. It includes all the dialogue, scenes, headings, and actions. We write the screenplay in four roughly equal parts. For instance, for a 100-page screenplay, each installment or milestone will be roughly 25 pages. As with the treatment, once you receive the first quarter of your script, let us know your feedback. We’ll revise it until you’re satisfied. When satisfied, send payment for the next quarter and we’ll continue the process until the entire screenplay is done.